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Design Engineering and Consulting

The network design of your new communication system requires not only the proper tools and expertise, but mindful coordination with all stakeholders involved in the design process. CableCom's team gets this right – the first time. We partner with building owners, engineers and architects to ensure the design meets your requirements and is implemented efficiently, in a cost-effective manner. Distribution design touches all areas of your network including:

  • Network infrastructure 
  • Backbone infrastructure 
  • Telecommunications spaces (equipment rooms, entrance facilities, etc.)
  • Grounding & bonding
  • Campus interconnectivity

You can rest easy knowing that CableCom's design professionals are recognized by their industry peers as worthy of the RCDD certification. This certification allows our Design Team to stay well-informed of standard practices and compliance codes, along with the latest technological advancements in the market.

The Design professionals at CableCom realize a successful new construction or remodeling project begins with a solid, customer-centered design process. Contact us today to ensure your next network distribution project exceeds your expectations and supports your future growth.

Network Infrastructure Design

As a single source for your network solutions, CableCom can provide the latest technology integration from design to delivery and scheduled maintenance.  From audio systems to Voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless broadband solutions, our network Project Managers provide the resources, experience, and professional coordination to insure the smoothest transitions and active component installations.

Specifications, budgets, and implementation schedules are just a few of the family of services CableCom incorporates to make your IT project seamless and worry-free.  Our industry partnerships with vendors, suppliers, and affiliates help to remove your concerns regarding gaps (or overlaps) in your network integration solution.  CableCom will be involved from the beginning of your project, resulting in measurable value for your data, voice, audio, video, and security networks.

Trust our reliable team to understand your projects are mission critical to the success of your organization.  Our reputation and proven track record provides our clients a consistent and responsible integration outcome, every time

Outside Plant Design

We provide a wide variety of services for Outside Plant Construction (OSP), including project management, systems engineering, infrastructure design and construction sites ready for both aerial and underground installation solutions.

The first step in most projects is engineering and developing computer-generated designs. This is followed by the establishment of a permanent digital database. We handle permitting and right-of-way issues. Once these are resolved, networks are mapped and surveying is completed. In addition, feasibility studies are done to ensure that the project is completed on time and within your budget.  We guarantee our workmanship and stand behind our services because we want your partnership  with CableCom to be a long term business relationship.

Because the infrastructures running underneath and around cities represent extremely complex networks with many potential complications, we are involved from the design to the delivery of each project. We have vast experience installing trenchless options, directional drilling, inner-duct and aerial fiber optic cable pathways. We have highly skilled, certified technicians who integrate all of the components in a complex system, bring them ‘live’, test, and verify their functionality. Our work process is very well defined and monitored to produce the best compliant solution for you – every time and on time

Wireless Design

Wireless networks require specific expertise and certified experience to successfully implement. Whether you require a simple point-to-point wireless bridge, or would like to give your team (remote or otherwise) the ability to work untethered, CableCom’s Design Team has the knowledge to deliver. CableCom has also successfully implemented the following wireless network structures:

  • Wireless LANs
  • Wireless back-haul for voice and data
  • Wi-Fi distributed internet access for multi-tenant dwelling and urban sub-populations
  • Point-to-multi point and mesh edge topologies
  • Wi-Fi enabling customer premise equipment

Video & Voice Over IP(VOIP), Public Safety and Homeland Security Applications

CableCom networks are installed in compliance with the guidelines of Local, State, and Federal regulations. The networks we have installed promote inter- and intra-departmental connectivity in both the public and private sectors. Companies, municipalities, schools, multi-purpose facilities, healthcare, industrial sites, government, and retail partners desiring mobile and remote workforces now have a wireless broadband solution.

We have applicable and seasoned expertise in areas our competitors can only talk about!

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Structured Cabling Solutions

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Network Infrastructure Services

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